Member Spotlight: The Sudbury Historical Society


The Sudbury Historical Society is dedicated to bringing the rich history of the Sudbury Plantation into the lives and activities of the people of Sudbury. A non-profit organization, the society depends on donations of time, money and artifacts from our members, citizens and businesses in Sudbury, and Sudbury-minded people around the country.

The Society was founded in 1956 by history-minded citizens of Sudbury. In 1970, it absorbed the Goodman Society (founded in 1890) its predecessor Historical and Improvement Society. Since 1998, thanks to the generosity of the town’s selectman, the Society has been headquartered in the Second Floor of the Sudbury Town Hall. In 2017, the Society will start to move next door to the Loring Parsonage where it will operate the new Sudbury History Center.

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