Join A Committee

Join the team! Through our committee structure, the Chamber addresses the important issues of public policy, business success and economic development. These are special teams that really make a difference in our community.

Participation in the Chamber serves to fulfill civic responsibility and community relations through involvement.

Everyone is invited to participate in Chamber committees and events.

You do not have to be a member of the Sudbury Chamber of Commerce to join a committee or participate in an event.

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Board and Committee Job Descriptions and Responsibilities

Executive Board

Please Note: Everyone on the Board either as an Executive Board Member or a Committee Chairperson works together as a team brainstorming ideas, making suggestions, and supporting efforts to move our organization forward. This is a friendly and fun environment! The experience and knowledge gained is immeasurable. All terms are 2 years.


Responsibilities include:
• Preside over meetings of the general membership and the Executive Committee. The President will oversee the enforcement of the by-laws and policies as adopted by the Chapter membership.
• Represent and serve the Membership in a positive and respectful fashion.
• Encourage members to be involved in the decision making process through their suggestions, comments, questions and concerns.
• Prepare and distribute agendas for both the Board and Membership meetings.
• Lead both meetings.
• Stay active and involved in committee activities, attending or otherwise supporting as many as possible.
• Encourage and Support Executive Board including Committee Chairs working cooperatively.
• Keep a notebook of records to be passed to the next President.

Vice Presidents (3)

Responsibilities include:
• In the absence of the President, Secretary, or Treasurer the Vice President shall assume the duties of said office. The Vice
President shall oversee all standing committees.
• Attend monthly board and membership meetings.
• Get involved with committees of choice.
• Report any information on committee’s not represented at the board meetings.
• As stated in by-laws assume duties of President, Secretary or Treasurer when absent.


Responsibilities include:
• Maintain written records of the Executive Board Committee and General Membership meetings of the Board
• Provide written Minutes and other information to the Executive Board Committee, Coordinator and Committee Chairpersons
• Maintain an annual binder of all Minutes, meeting attendance and correspondence
• Respond to all correspondence at the direction of the President, Coordinator and the Committee Chairperson


Responsibilities include:
• Manage all income, expenses and bank account(s) according to the policies and procedure
• Collecting dues and maintaining the membership roster
• Providing a financial report to be read and approved at each meeting
• Providing an annual financial report that will be audited and submitted to the Board
• Needs to be present at meetings

President Emeritus

Responsibilities include:
• President Emeritus is the immediate past president who holds this office until a new president is elected.
• Responsibilities are to perform any duties assigned by the executive committee that are not specified under the other officer’s job descriptions.
• Duties may include but are not limited to seeking grants for projects, liaisons with other groups etc.

Banquet Chairperson

Responsibilities include:
• Assist with the various tasks necessary to ensure a successful annual Banquet and Awards Ceremony.
• Coordinate a small committee to complete the details of the annual Banquet and Awards Ceremony.
• Secure an educational speaker for the event.
• Work with the Coordinator with the reports necessary to determine eligibility for certificates and awards.
• Coordinate the collection of donated door prizes.
• Manage the registration process.
• Produce a program to be distributed at the banquet.
• Assign volunteers to specific jobs at the Banquet, i.e. set-up of hall, registration, 50/50 ticket sales, clean-up, etc.
• Work closely with the Coordinator to provide an exceptional event

Community Liaison Chairperson

Responsibilities include:
• Establish and/or maintain relationships with various local elected officials to benefit SCOC (attend Tax budget hearings).
• Serving as a representative of SCOC Board while attending meetings, local volunteer and/or social events.
• SCOC in verbal and sometimes written formats and offering assistance on events with board concurrence.

Educational Events Chairperson

Responsibilities include:
• Coordination of the General Meeting Seminars
• Work closely with both the board and the Coordinators to coordinate inexpensive workshops that would be open to the outside public. Our goal is to keep expenses to a bare minimum in order to provide topics of interest to the public but still raise a profit for our group. (maybe charge $10 a session or $30 for all four sessions for preregistration)
• Canvas Board and membership and others to select topics of interest for seminars
• Present event ideas to the Board for final selection
• With assistance from former Seminar and Event Coordinator locate and secure speakers
• Coordinate with speakers and Coordinator any special equipment or materials that will needed for each session
• Send advertisement requests to free venues and promote through PR director
• Create and maintain spreadsheet to track attendees and payment activity
• Recruit person(s) to coordinate administrative details (e.g. send email communications to participants, registration, check in, ensure beverages and Hors douvres are provided, cleanup)
• Work with Treasurer to transfer funds collected on a timely basis and/or obtain checks to pay for supplies, etc.
• Develop and coordinate other activities throughout the year that the public would be willing to pay to attend

Finance & Budget Chairperson

Responsibilities include:
• Work cooperatively with the Treasurer and the Advisor.
• Prepare a proposed annual budget to be voted on by the membership at the November meeting.
• Complete and submit all reporting requirements to appropriate Local, State and Federal Agencies.
• Be responsible for an annual audit.

Membership Chairperson

Responsibilities include:
• Keep existing Excel spreadsheet updated with members’ names, addresses, phone numbers, email addresses and paid status
• Keep existing Google email distribution list updated with members’ names, email addresses and phone numbers
• December thru March – collect annual dues:
• Send emails to members soliciting annual dues
• Collect dues and updated membership forms from members (at general meetings and/or via mail)
• Update membership spreadsheet to reflect payment
• Give funds to Treasurer
• End of March remove names of dropped members from spreadsheet and email distribution list
• Send copies of updated membership spreadsheet to Board members
• Keep copies of existing membership forms
• Share member interests indicated on membership forms with Board to aid volunteerism
• September thru June – send emails each month to members reminding them of upcoming Membership and Board meetings
• Attend and participate in Board Meetings

Web Page / Communications / Special Projects Chairperson

Maintain Web site and Facebook page with current information about topics of interest
• Ensure Website Facebook page meet with all security and confidentiality guidelines
• Work closely with Coordinator to ensure material is appropriate and contains no objectionable material
• Send emails to Board and/or Members to keep them informed of current topics of interest
• Work closely with Membership Coordinator to maintain current Board and General Membership email distribution list
• Attend and participate in Board Meetings

Fundraising Chairperson

Responsibilities include:
• Seek out and plan new possible merchandise, projects, events and/or activities for raising funds.
• Follow procedure for existing fundraising projects such as the Banner Program and Event under the Tent
• Keep a current inventory list of merchandise for sale with cost to non-members, members, and board members.
• Attend as many events where there is an opportunity to sell merchandise
• Conference, Seminars, Membership Meetings, etc. If unable to attend ask someone else to attend and sell merchandise.
• Keep records of merchandise bought to be sold, what is sold and monies collected from sales.
• Give all monies collected to Treasurer.

Parade Chairperson

Responsibilities include:
• Work closely with the Board, the Coordinator and other outside individuals and groups to provide updated communication to both Members and the general public.
• Assist with the various tasks necessary to ensure a successful annual 4th of July Parade.
• Coordinate a small committee to complete the details of the annual Parade.
• Secure Bands and Marchers etcetera for the event.
• Work with the Coordinator with the reports necessary.
• Coordinate the collection of donated monies.
• Manage the registration process.
• Assign volunteers to specific jobs at the parade i.e. set-up, registration, sales, clean-up, etc.
• Work closely with the Coordinator to provide an exceptional event
Grants & Scholarships Chairperson

Responsibilities include:


• Establish budget with board for upcoming year.
• Advertise program to non-profit groups, schools etc.
• Review grant applications, visit site if possible
• Present qualifying requests to board for approval
• When approved obtain check from treasurer for disbursement
• Follow-up visits to check progress of recipients


• Solicit applicants for awards
• Review applications
• Present applicants to board for approval
• Notify award winners
• Deposit award winners’ checks into their student accounts at appropriate schools