Welcome To The Chamber: Closetbox


Full-Service Storage

Why waste time hauling your belongings? Let us do the back-breaking work for you.

Free pickup service allows you to get items into storage without leaving your home.

Everything stored securely in your own vaults in our warehouse. Plus, a free online inventory.

Push-button delivery helps you get your items back fast. Need your skis returned before heading to the slopes this weekend? We’ve got your covered.

With Closetbox, we’ll handle the heavy lifting, driving, and delivery for you.

Learn more at https://www.closetbox.com/locations/boston

Member Spotlight: Town Planner of Metrowest

The Town Planner Calendar…

  • …is distributed free of charge each December to households in Framingham, Natick, Ashland, Holliston, Hopkinton, Sudbury and Wayland.
  • …is sponsored by local businesses.
  • …is used all year by 75% of the families receiving it.
  • …puts local business information On Display Every Day.

Business owners in MetroWest are more focused than ever on keeping existing local customers and attracting new ones from nearby. The Town Planner Calendar can help to ensure your presence to your local customers.

Learn more at www.townplanner.com

Welcome To The Chamber: Metrowest Neurofeedback

We would like to welcome our newest member, Judith Lytel, P. A., Psy. D. of Metrowest Neurofeedback to the Chamber.


Neurofeedback training helps people effectively modify and maintain new behaviors, without the undesired effects of medication. Also known as EEG biofeedback or neurotherapy, neurofeedback is a state-of-the-art technology that we use to offer a safe, highly effective method of brain training. Using EEG biofeedback, you can train your brain toward greater self-regulation, which has a beneficial effect on behavior, learning, emotion, and more. Neurofeedback is research-based brainwave training with an extensive history. It is non-invasive, medication-free, easy to do, and even fun! Neurofeedback training can transform your life by helping you modify the brain dysregulation underlying many disorders and symptoms of mind/body.

Learn more at www.metrowestneurofeedback.com