Thanks to the Sudbury Fire Department and Mike Hamill for all their help!

Thank you to the Sudbury Fire Department and Mike Hamill for again coming
through with the cherry picker and their time in putting up the SHOP SUDBURY
banners on Route 20.  Twice a year they help us by putting up and taking
down the 4th of July flags.  Their help is immeasurable to us and greatly


5/25/11 – Sewer Assessment Technical Advisory Committee meeting to discuss and answer questions regarding the Route 20 sewer project

The Sewer Assessment Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) will be hosting a meeting to discuss and answer questions regarding the Route 20 sewer project on:

Wednesday, May 25, 2011 – 7:30 pm @ Town Hall, 322 Concord Road

All interested residents and business owners are encouraged to attend to become informed about this project prior to the June 7th ballot vote on the $1 million appropriation for design and permitting of the project.

For more information, including a detailed Frequently Asked Questions brochure, graphics of the project, and the 2011 Annual Town Meeting presentations, please visit the committee’s web page at

For more information about the meeting, call Jody Kablack, Planning and Community Development Director, at 978-639-3387.

May 2 Town Meeting to Vote on Rt. 20 Sewer Project

From the Sudbury town website:

The Route 20 Sewer Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) has prepared a comprehensive list of questions and answers to assist residents in informing themselves on Article 20 at the Annual Town Meeting, which requests an appropriation of approximately $1 million for the design and permitting of the Route 20 sewer project. If Article 20 passes at Town Meeting, a ballot vote will be needed for the appropriation. The ballot vote (election) is tentatively scheduled for June 2011.

The Route 20 sewer project is a long term project designed to sustain Sudbury both environmentally and economically. It aims to protect Sudbury’s drinking water in the Route 20 aquifer area, as well as assist businesses with their wastewater disposal so that they can stay and grow in Sudbury. Without alternative wastewater disposal, there is a risk of groundwater contamination and loss of business.

Route 20 Sewer Frequently Asked Questions 

See for more information


RT. 20 Sewer Advisory Committee to give presentation to Chamber Meeting on Tuesday April 12, 2011 @ 5:30 pm at the Wayside Inn.

From the Advisory Committee’s letter…

Dear Sudbury Business Leader,

Sudbury faces a significant challenge to continue providing and preserving drinking water from underground aquifers to all residents, and sustaining the viability of our commercial property.  Sudbury relies almost entirely on individual on-site septic systems for the disposal and treatment of wastewater (both residential and commercial).  This is generally not an issue in residential areas, but as you may know, it has become a major problem in the areas of commercial development, particularly along an approximately 2 mile stretch of Boston Post Road.  The Town’s majority of business establishments, with almost 1 million square feet of commercial real estate, are located along this stretch of Boston Post Road, as are the Town’s water supply wells. The continued reliance on septic systems for wastewater disposal is severely limiting the growth of existing businesses, curtailing the types of businesses that are able to locate in Sudbury, eliminating the possibility of introducing mixed-use development along the corridor, and threatening the…

Downloadthe full letter…