Meeting 2/8/11 – David Gadarian “Get With The Digital Program”

Speaker: David Gadarian

February 8th , 2011

5:30 pm Wayside Inn

Your overall marketing strategy needs an online and social media strategy. Without it, you will be left behind. Gadarian Digital delivers real value to your brand through the implementation of effective digital strategies and creation of social media marketing. We offer a wide array of services, provided in the professional manner that your business deserves. Gadarian Digital leverages your web presence and your social media profile with cost effective, highly engaging tools that boost your brand above the competition.

Announcing: The Event Under the Tent!

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Save the Date for what may very well be the EVENT of the YEAR

Sponsored by the Sudbury Chamber of Commerce

to fund the Fourth of July Parade, programs and services.

Saturday, May 14th, 2011


Longfellow's Wayside Inn